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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

LIONS CLUB SANDAKAN SELINGAN Annual Plan for 2011/2012

Lions Club Of Sandakan Selingan
Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2011/2012

Jul 11
            -         1st Board of Directors Meeting.
            -         Yu Yuan Secondary School Leo’s visit to Taman Cahaya.
            -         July Fellowship and birthday party.
            -         International Convention in Seattle, USA
            -         Leo St Cecilia Secondary School collection of recycle goods (1-15/07)

Michael Tan
Daniel Lim
Lin Yet Far
Michael Tan
Chin KhinWui
Aug 11
            -        Youth Exchange Program
            -        2nd Board of Directors Meeting.
            -        Leo Clubs Installation and Induction of New Members (28/08)
                     (Yu Yuan & St Cecilia)
            -        Health Project at Central Market, Sandakan
            -        August Fellowship and birthday party.
            -        Installation of Lions Club of Sandakan Selingan
Charles Pang
Michael Tan
Chin KhinWui/Daniel lim
Dr Srinivasarajoo
Daniel Pang
Dr Robert Ong
Sep 11
           -         3rd BOD Meeting
           -         Health Seminar with Parkway Group

           -         Road Safety Project with Sandakan Polis to coincide with Hari Raya
           -         September Fellowship and birthday party.                  
           -         Visit to Taman Cahaya, Cheshire Home & Old Folks Home together with Leo  
                     clubsto coincide withHari Raya (24/09)

Michael Tan
Dr Srinivasarajoo/Michael Tan
Clement J Sammy
Francis Lo
Daniel Pang/Daniel Lim/Chin KhinWui
Oct 11
           -         4th BOD Meeting
           -         Haircutting Project at Old Folks Home
           -         Leo Club of Yu Yuan Secondary School visit to BunduTuhan
           -         October Fellowship and birthday party
-         Joint ‘gotong-royong’ with Leo Clubs at Spastic Home and visit
to the canopy walk at the RDC Sandakan
-              Peace Poster Competition
-              To participate in Joint Regional Activities (initiate by DG)
Michael Tan
Yuniko Tan
Daniel Lim
Datin Cheang Poh Nee
Daniel Lim & Chin KhinWui
Serena Au
Francis Lo
Nov 11
 -         5th BOD Meeting
           -         Lions Charity Golf  in aide of Cheshire Home, Hospice, and Taman Cahaya
        -         To participate in Lions Go Green Rally in line with our IP’s focus to protect
                     our Environment 10-13 November (initiate by DG)
           -         November fellowship and birthday party
           -         OSEAL Forum in Manila, Philippines 

Michael Tan
Peter Cheung
Isaac Pang

Chan Boon Thian
Michael Tan
Dec 11
         -       6th BOD Meeting
         -         ‘Half-way House’ Project – a joint project with Hospital Duchess of Kent
Sandakan(constructing a ‘half-way house’ for patients family members)
         -          Joint fund raising project with Sandakan Ballroom Dancing Association
         -          Family outing and treasure hunt at Sepilok (fellowship)
         -          Visit to Cheshire Home and Old Folks Home during Chrismas
      -          December Christmas Fellowship Dinner and birthday party

Michael Tan
Dr.Srinivasarajoo& Dr Robert Ong
Yunicko Tan
Michelle Siow
Gurdif Singh
Peter Lai
Jan 12
         -          7th BOD Meeting
         -        Lions & family trip to Kundasang – Fellowship
         -          Leo Clubs Car Wash Charity Project

         -          Lion Dance Performances during CNY – Fund Raising Project
         -          Visit to Cheshire Home and Old Folks Home to coincide with CNY
         -          January CNY fellowship and birthday party

Michael Tan
Francis Thien
Daniel Lim/Chin KhinWui
Peter Cheung
Lin Yet Far
Francis Lo
Feb 12
         -          8th BOD Meeting
         -          Scholarship Presentation to local secondary students
         -          Joint Fellowship with LEO Clubs

         -          Health Project at Community Centre Sandakan
         -          February fellowship and birthday party
Michael Tan
Dr. Robert Ong
Daniel Lim/Chin KhinWui
Dr. Srinivasarajoo
Khoo Chun Kiat
Mar 12
         -          9thBOD Meeting
         -          Organise Leo Camp for East Coast Leo Clubs

         -           March fellowship and birthday party 
Michael Tan
Michael Tan/Daniel Lim/Chin KhinWui
Michelle Siow
Apr 12
        -           10th BOD Meeting
        -           Attend District and Multiple District Convention, Kuching Sarawak.
     -          April Fellowship Dinner and birthday party
        -           Health Project at Taman Mawar
Michael Tan
Guldif Singh
Yap KokShing
Dr Srinivasarajoo
May 12
        -          11thBOD Meeting
        -          Fellowship trip with lions, leos and families to Abai Resort
        -          Health Project at Tanah Merah
        -          May Harvest Festival Fellowship and birthday party
Michael Tan
Khoo Chun Kiat
Dr Srinivasarajoo
Chan Boon Thian
June 12
 -          12thBOD Meeting
        -          June fellowship and birthday party
Michael Tan
Datin Cheang Poh Nee

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